Monday 6 August 2012

Reflecting on Foxing...

Antique furniture with inset glass and antique glass mirrors can sometimes show signs of their age with a mottled or blotchy effect, often referred to as ‘foxing’ or ‘silvering’.
When in small area’s, close to edges that do not intrude into their main purpose of reflecting an image, this gentle form of ageing can be both charming and authentic.
In its most advanced form of deterioration, this glass is used by film makers to achieve a particular effect in movie making.
If foxing has occurred on a piece of antique furniture with glass, which is a functional piece, in everyday use, it might be preferably to replace the aged mirror with a quality piece of modern glass, as re-silvering restoration by specialist restorers can be time consuming and expensive.
For best cleaning results, on mirrors or glass, use ‘scrim’ cotton gauze cloth. 
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